With having a immense experience in manufacturing & research of perfumery in top perfume houses of the world. Founded in 2008, the manufacturing team of Aqdas which has been working hard for big brands of today's world with its unmatched experience in the industry. The formation of Aqdas was a dream with a Vision of creating a remarkable presence in the market which is a foreseen reality today. Had worked for Global leaders in perfumery our team has had the opportunity to work in a million dollar Lab ambience which only very few have a opportunity to work in to enable handling of rare & high profile oils, chemicals, Machinery, Literature & Tutors available within.

The Secret of good perfume lies with the inspired inventor called the famous "noses" skilled in the art of blending different essences, perfumes are further perfected by their beautiful packaging, evocative names The art of evolution & creation of perfumes requires innovative & decades of experienced accessing capability which can be obtained only by working in a million dollar lab facility where even a gram of raw material cost's fortunes, it also requires a multiple sense of instinct is necessary, wherein several monotone notes amalgamate to form a fragrance which marks its presence in the world of Perfumery. Our team of hard core Expertise in all streams derives dynamic strategies to ensure Unique presence of any products developed by us.